3 Good Reasons for Having in a Family Medicine Doctor

The US has many doctors. In most areas, patients can choose where they want to consult or which doctor they want to see. While having this freedom is good, it still is a different experience if you and your family have one doctor who is deeply familiar with your family’s health. Having a dedicated family medicine doctor for the entire family has many benefits, and this article will help you understand why it is a crucial decision.

What Are Family Medicine Doctors?

Family medicine doctors are one of the categories under primary care physicians. They are specialists qualified to treat almost all ailments and provide comprehensive health care for all ages. Since they can cater to anyone’s health needs, from newborns to seniors, they are a perfect choice for any family.

Contrary to popular belief, they are not the same as General Practitioners or Internal Medicine Providers. Internal medicine focuses mainly on adult medicine, while family medicine is dedicated to all family members. General Practitioners can cater to any individual, unlike family medicine doctors, whose focus is on the family’s healthcare needs.

Why Do You Need a Family Medicine Doctor? 

1 – They Know Your Family’s Health History

Since a typical American family shares the same house, there is a high tendency that another family member will immediately follow when someone gets sick. This situation could be dangerous for some vulnerable family members. 

For example, influenza may be tolerable for one family member but not for someone with other health complications. Upon learning about your sickness, your family medicine doctor could promptly tell you what you need to do to get better and how the other family members could prevent contracting the same ailment. 

They could also provide prescriptions to other family members should the illness spread. Your family medicine doctor could speed up the healing process for the entire family. 

2 – You Only Need to See and Talk to One Doctor

Health concerns could range from skin checking to mammograms, x-rays to diet, and so on. The great thing about having a family medicine doctor is that you can consult with them about any of these topics. 

The process would also be smoother since you would not have to explain your family’s medical history repeatedly. It would be an advantage to your doctor as well since they already have an idea of what your concerns are about. 

Should your doctor also see a potential problem in other aspects of your health, they could easily raise these concerns and provide you with the guidance you need. 

3 – You Build a Better Relationship With Your Doctor

The bond is different when a doctor secures a family’s health. If you have a doctor who knows and thoroughly cares about you and your family’s welfare, you would know you are in good hands. Your family medicine doctor will make time to address your needs. They will take the time to see you, answer your questions during emergencies, and send you your medication. These little things are beneficial to the whole family, and they are what makes family medicine unique.


If you want the best treatment for your family, consider having a family medicine doctor. Aside from the mentioned advantages, having a doctor that your children would grow up with can help them feel at ease when it comes to staying healthy, being aware of their health conditions, and talking about health concerns. You need them if you want someone to have your family’s back. 

The Garden State Medical Group is home to board-certified physicians and specialists in New Jersey, advocating for patients by providing personalized service. Should you need a well-rounded family medicine doctor, get in touch with us, and we would be happy to provide you with our service. 

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