4 Possible Reasons Behind Your Recurring Dehydration

Drinking water is an essential part of maintaining a person’s well-being. Whether it’s quenching thirst after a good workout, being under the sun too long, or performing strenuous activities, downing a glass of water can really make a person feel good about themselves.


But during instances wherein you can still feel thirsty even after drinking some water, it’s possible that you’re experiencing other underlying issues that need to be addressed. The endless thirst you’re going through isn’t normal and should be handled accordingly by a professional. 


It’s important to consult with a primary care doctor as early as possible to manage your situation promptly. At the same time, if you want to find out some possible reasons behind your unresolved thirst, keep reading below.


It May Be Caused By Your Lifestyle Changes


People who are aiming for lifestyle changes resulting in weight loss can expect to experience unusual thirst, especially for those who are into low-carb and keto diets. Since carbohydrates can retain fluids and electrolytes, the moment you cut back on carbs, you are inevitably eliminating more water from your system. 


Practicing a new diet isn’t wrong, just as long as you remember to maintain, if not increase, your water intake every day because of the risks that come with switching up what you eat. One way to maintain proper hydration is listening to what your body needs, drinking water not only when you’re thirsty but also when you know you need to!


It May Be Because of Too Much Salt Intake


The food you’re currently eating can also be the reason behind your thirst. While your body digests extra glucose, your kidney works to process excess salt through your urine. As a result, the liquid in your body is drawn away from your blood, causing you to feel more thirsty.


Drinking the appropriate amount of water is good, especially after eating a meal with tremendous amounts of salt. But if it’s become a habit of yours to consume food high in sodium, the recurring dehydration you’re facing might not be your only health condition you’re left to deal with in the long run. 


It May Be Due to Hunger and Not Thirst 


While it’s possible for people to always mistake hunger for thirst, the opposite can be a possibility as well. The symptoms you feel whenever you think you lack water, like exhaustion and light-headedness, can also be the same signs you tend to experience when you’re hungry.


That’s why it’s crucial to know how your body works and reacts to situations to solve your hunger or thirst right away. After drinking a few glasses of water, and you still feel out of it, it could be time to satisfy your other needs. 


It May Be the Result of Having a Dry Mouth 


If you’re taking newly prescribed medicine due to significant health issues, it’s possible to have a dry mouth—which can be misguided for thirst. Aside from that, having a dry mouth can also be due to drinking too much coffee or smoking cigarettes, both of which can exacerbate the dryness in your mouth.  

Aside from drinking water to eliminate the chances of a dry mouth, it would also help to chew sugar-free gum, which encourages saliva production. If it still doesn’t work, you can also take the appropriate medicine for alleviating dry mouth completely. For the best results, it’s always wise to consult a family doctor that you trust to truly eliminate all other possibilities.


Many professionals state that it’s highly crucial to drink enough water a day to battle dehydration and other potential health problems. Instead of drinking eight glasses of water a day, it’s vital to consider aiming for half of your body weight to maintain adequate hydration. In any case, taking note of your lifestyle changes, salt intake, hunger pangs, and dry mouth symptoms could help you identify the reason for your excessive thirst. For the best results, you should consult with your doctor so they can come up with a proper diagnosis behind the craving you’re feeling.

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