COVID-19 Tips: 4 Ways to Improve & Protect Your Lung Health

The Coronavirus disease, more commonly known as COVID-19, has become one of the greatest threats to human life in this generation. The infection has spread to a confirmed 2.5 million cases worldwide, becoming an official pandemic with no signs of slowing its grip on us any time soon.

The biggest and most immediate concern that COVID-19 brings a person is the threat of pneumonia. The virus attacks the lung lining of a person, causing your lungs to inflame and fill with liquid—the onset of pneumonia. Numerous factors can determine the gravity of pneumonia, which is why many people have taken extra precautions to protect their cardiopulmonary system.

To help in this, here are four simple ways in which you can improve and protect your lung health throughout this COVID-19 pandemic:

Take extra precautions to avoid COVID-19

Many people scoff at the “intense” measures people have taken to avoid COVID-19—but the deadliness of this virus is nothing to laugh at. The repercussions are too great to ignore, so taking extra care not to contract the virus is vital for your lung health, as well as your overall well being.

Practicing social distancing measures (keeping at least 6 feet away from everyone else), wearing a face mask or protective gear, wearing gloves, and disinfecting regularly is the best way to combat this disease. Self-quarantine procedures and minimizing outdoor time helps lessen infection as well.

Take paracetamol over ibuprofen

The most common symptoms of COVID-19 are also some of the most common sicknesses anyone can face: headache, fevers, and muscle pain. The quickest solution is usually to take an ibuprofen tablet, which some would recognize as Advil. For these dangerous times, however, it is highly recommended to take paracetamol, like Tylenol, instead.

While many would think this a marketing tactic, the reasoning is sound. Ibuprofen—or aspirin, for that matter—may dampen your immune response. Although the data is inconclusive as of yet, it is highly recommended to stay on the safe side by taking paracetamol instead.

Quit smoking and/or vaping

The best way to promote lung health is to avoid directly harming it. Smoking and vaping can cause direct lung damage, and if your point is to make your lungs healthier, then avoid them completely. Smoking causes numerous chemicals and carcinogens to flow directly into your body, a fact which has been supported by numerous studies over the past decade.

Vaping, which many people claim is healthier, still has no scientific basis to prove that it’s 100% safe. To ensure the best health for your lungs, then avoiding these both entirely is still the best option.

Visit a doctor

Going to a hospital and visiting a doctor is still the best option to get well. While going to a hospital does entail the risk of contracting COVID-19, the converse is that you won’t get well unless you receive treatment. 

COVID-19 causes shortness of breath and it doesn’t take a genius to explain what will happen to you if you suffer from oxygen deficiency. If you’re really not feeling well and it seems as if you won’t get better, then a doctor’s expert assessment is what you will need to ensure you survive.


In times like this, it’s easy to give up on hope, but the best thing to do is to stay strong and care for yourself and your family. By following these simple tips, your cardiopulmonary system won’t be the only thing that will benefit, but your entire lifestyle as well.

For any emergencies or consultation, then an expert’s opinion regarding any cardiopulmonary issues is the best solution. At the Garden State Medical Group in New Jersey, we have a number of experts and physicians to assist you through these difficult times. Give us a call today.

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