Fighting Dementia: Tricks on How to Stave off the Disease

Watching a parent suffering from dementia is one of the most heartbreaking things. It is painful to see a once energetic person turn into a zombie. A person who used to be able to think clearly and have a conversation suddenly cannot recall who you are after only a few minutes. And, even more heartbreakingly, people with dementia can lose their ability to recognize their loved ones and treat them like strangers.

As you care for your ailing loved one, you might be wondering if you can avoid such a fate. Studies suggest that heredity plays a role in dementia. Thankfully, it is not a major factor. Your current lifestyle has a more significant part.

NJ doctors weigh in on the issue of dementia and share tips on how to fight this disease. Take advantage of this free medical consultation and read this article carefully.

Manually Take Notes to Remember Things

It is common to have difficulty recalling things that happened just a few minutes ago. NJ doctors say that the mind is a weird thing. You remember a sharp detail in one situation but then forget something that happened just a few hours ago.

Please do not feel hopeless because the world is not ending. You can ensure you do not lose your memories entirely with the proper tools.

One of the most popular methods is to take notes. If you are taking notes to keep track of things, you are more likely to remember them—post notes in areas where you spend most of your time. You can also use sticky notes for this purpose.

Test Yourself

Another good tip to keep your memory in check is to test yourself. It may seem old school, but it works.

Every morning, set yourself a simple puzzle or a math question to solve. The goal is to make it challenging yet doable. We recommend you do at least one test every day.

If you set a puzzle for yourself every morning, you will be able to keep your brain active and your mind sharp. If you work on a challenging puzzle every day, you will see your memory power increase.

NJ doctors say that an excellent online memory game can do the trick. Most games are free to play. You can play them while taking a break, waiting in line or sitting in the subway.


Even though it might not seem as relevant to your memory, pursuing a physical exercise routine can have a positive impact on it. Exercising on a regular basis can help you improve your concentration, your mood and your mental stability. You will also have a better physical condition and will be less likely to develop conditions that might impact your memory.

Exercise programs are known to help you lose weight which, in turn, can help your blood pressure and your blood sugar level. Being physically active allows your body to absorb more oxygen. It is also worth mentioning that exercise helps you sleep better. Sleep plays a pivotal role in keeping your memory as sharp as possible.


Dementia is a very scary disease. You see, dementia changes your loved one’s personality. It is hard to see them being mean to you or being disrespectful.  

However, you can avoid such a fate by ensuring your memory is always as sharp as possible. NJ doctors say that the mind is a mysterious thing—there are tricks to keep your memory sharp. You just have to know what they are.

If you are looking for a family doctor to provide medical support for yourself and for your ailing parent, Garden State Medical Group will be more than happy to provide one. We will care for you and your loved ones like we are doing for our family. Schedule an appointment now! 

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