Diagnostic Testing

Diagnostic equipment helps physicians rule out some conditions while zeroing in on others.

In an effort to improve diagnosis, Garden State Medical Group (GSMG) offers a wide variety of diagnostic treatments and diagnostic testing in Paramus. We value our patients and understand that their time is limited; for this reason we offer many services on site to expedite diagnostic testing. Garden State Medical Group offers diagnostic testing in Secaucus, New Jersey and other locations in New Jersey. Each facility is well-equipped with the most up-to-date and modern diagnostic tools that offer accurate diagnostic testing in Newark. Providing these services in-house allows for quicker scheduling and seamless visits, eliminating the hassle of arranging additional appointments and filling out new patient paperwork.

Gsmg is proud to offer the following diagnostic services:

This is a type of X-ray to measure bone loss. Certain diseases, conditions or medications can cause the bones to thin. Learn more about it with diagnostic testing in Secaucus.
This is a test that shows how the heart is pumping. Another name for the test is ECG or Electrocardiogram.
An X-ray machine uses radiation to create a picture of the inside of the body.
This measures specific changes in time between successive heart beats.
According to diagnostic testing in Paramus and other GSMG locations, the stress test shows how the heart works during physical stress and can detect heart disease.
To find out how well your heart is working, your doctor may suggest that you have an echocardiogram. Echocardiography is a painless test which shows how your heart is working. It uses sound waves to present a moving picture of the heart chambers, surrounding structures and valves.
An ultrasound scan creates a real-time picture of the inside of the body using sound waves.
This is a portable device which measures and records the heart’s activity continuously for the defined time.
Like a blood pressure machine, thiis is a simple way to check how well your blood is flowing at various parts of the body, usually the ankle.
Regular retinopathy screening helps detect eye problems before symptoms are perceived.

This valuable tool helps clinicians identify, assess and manage patients with memory loss and cognitive impairment.

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