Regardless of your age, gender, or status in life, there will come a time when you may experience chronic pain. No matter how careful you are, all your daily actions may gather or develop stress that would build up into a physical condition. Though often not severe, that would be more than enough to trigger discomfort.

This is now a condition that we would call chronic pain.

The thing is, it comes in variants, much so that no single person may experience chronic pain that is the same as their peers or loved ones.

If you are curious to know what they are, look no further than our examples below.

1. Neck Pain

Let’s start with the common ones. The first is neck pain. Since it is the area that connects your head with your body, it is a little surprising to note how many people are having neck pains. Many of these stem from the pressure that comes from not sitting or sleeping properly.

Though it may not be excruciating pain, unless you are having trouble moving your eyes or neck, you may not think of it as chronic at all. More so, it may be called a mild ache, but it is still bothersome to many.

2. Back Pain

If you have experienced pain in your neck, you are not safe from back pains. In fact, those who are experiencing neck pains are at a higher risk of getting back pains.

It may not be as common as neck pains, but it is nonetheless another common kind of chronic pain.

It may be a sharp pain or a dull one. It may have been what you have suffered from since you were a small one. It may have developed as you grow old, or it may have been triggered by an injury.

No matter what the cause of back pains, it is a bothersome one that you should not ignore.

3. Pain in the Jaw

Jaw pain may be common, but it is also one that people take lightly. Many people attribute it to having a cavity, stress, or because of toothache. It is the last that you should take notice of.

The pain of your tooth is not to be ignored because it may develop into jaw pain. When your jaw perspires, or your teeth ache, it may be because your jaw has become sore. This can be caused by grinding your teeth or clenching them.

4. Migraine

This is a kind of pain that you may feel in your head, the sides, or the back. It is a debilitating kind of pain that may make you feel dizzy, nauseated, vomiting, or even feel like your body is no longer under your control.

Sometimes migraines may just be light headaches. Though this is not exactly a chronic pain, it can still lead to it if left untreated.

5. Nerve Damage

If you have been experiencing pain for a long time, you can consider the possibility of having nerve damage. You will remember that we have said that when you have stress, your body may develop pain that would be caused by inflammation.

The problem with inflammation is that it may grow larger in time so that it will not only be confined to the affected area. To prevent it from becoming more painful, you can treat the initial cause like you would do with any other pain.


It is not surprising that there are more than a handful of common chronic pains. The best thing you can do is address the cause rather than just taking painkillers.

Take note of all our pointers above and make sure to approach your physician so that its possible cause may be checked or determined in no time.

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