Different Types of Exercises to Improve Your Bone’s Health

You’re probably aware that exercise provides beneficial effects on the body. However, some people are still physically inactive. As a result, their muscles weaken, bones become fragile, and balance and coordination loosen. 

Lack of physical activity can also lead to certain bone conditions, especially as you age because bone strength changes over time. The most common among these conditions are osteoporosis and sarcopenia. They happen to both men and women who are aging; that’s why it’s recommended to build strong bones while still young. 

When you start exercising young, you strengthen your bones and improve your balance and coordination. You can also prevent these conditions from happening when you get older. 

Here are some of the exercises you can do to help your bones become healthier and your muscles stronger:

Weight-Bearing Exercise

Weight-bearing exercises can help you strengthen your bones by making them work harder. These kinds of exercises will require you to use your feet and legs to carry the weight of your body. Your bones and muscles are working against gravity, so they must be strong and upright while doing weight-bearing activities. You can choose between high-impact or low-impact exercises, depending on your capacity. 

Examples of low-impact weight-bearing activities include: 

  • Brisk walking 
  • Hopscotch
  • Low-impact aerobics

Examples of high-impact weight-bearing activities include:

  • Jogging/running
  • Jumping rope
  • Hiking
  • Dancing
  • Stair climbing
  • Tennis, badminton, ping-pong, and pickleball
  • Team sports, such as basketball, soccer, and volleyball

While high-impact is more beneficial, you still need to consult with your doctor about the best activity for you because you may be at risk of bone breakage, especially if you are frail or have already been diagnosed with thinning bones. 

Strength-Training Exercise

Doing strength training exercises requires an added resistance or weights in movements. This type of activity is focused on boosting the endurance of the muscles in your body. With regular strength training, you can build firm muscles while putting stress on the bones as well. You can also improve your flexibility and mobility as well as lower your risk of gaining injury.

Examples of strength training exercises include: 

  • Utilizing weight machines 
  • Free weights
  • Push-ups
  • Using elastic bands for certain activities

Other Forms of Exercise

Other forms of exercise include those that are non-impact and non-weight-bearing exercises. While these activities require minimal effort from the bones, they can still help improve flexibility, muscle strength, and balance. Some forms can also improve the heart and lungs’ condition, and they are the perfect alternative if weight-bearing and strength training are hard for you. 

Examples of non-impact and non-weight bearing exercises include: 

  • Tai chi
  • Yoga 
  • Swimming
  • Cycling
  • Chair exercises


We know that exercising is not that easy, but you need to consider the beneficial effects it can give to your body. You don’t need much equipment to achieve healthy bones and muscles; you just need proper discipline and hard work. Of course, you should consult with your physician to know what exercises are best for you, especially if you have fragile bones and muscles. This way, you can ensure that your activities will be safe, whatever your body condition is. 

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