Why Choose a Primary Care Physician?

According to Primary Care Physicians in New Jersey, having a primary care doctor will keep you healthier. There’s no doubt about it. Studies have even revealed that populations in states with more primary care physicians per capita are in better health. But what are the specific benefits of having a primary care doctor? Garden State Medical Group lists the top benefits:

  1. Holistic Health Care — A primary care doctor focuses on holistic health care, meaning he is trained to treat and coordinate patient health care in one central location. With a primary care doctor, you only need to make an appointment to discuss all your health issues, whether they are physical, emotional or mental.
  2. Higher Level of Comfort — People don’t like talking to strangers about their health care needs and concerns, which means choosing a primary care doctor you can trust is the first step on your journey to good health. The next step is to schedule regular appointments so that you can discuss your concerns and overall health. Studies have shown that patients with consistent primary care doctors report higher levels of satisfaction than patients without them. The more you visit a doctor, the better the relationship develops.
  3. Better Management of Chronic Diseases — Chronic health conditions such as diabetes, arthritis and lupus are difficult to monitor yourself. A primary care doctor helps you stay organized and keeps you aware of how chronic diseases are impacting your body. Scheduling regular visits and performing routine tests are two ways a primary care physician can help you better maintain a chronic disease.
  4. Transparency of Health History — Routine visits with your primary care provider not only help with your comfort level, it also helps to build a medical case history. Knowledge about your health and family health history is imperative for prevention of diseases and can also help doctors catch early signs of any serious conditions.
  5. Lower Overall Health Costs — Attending regular appointments with your primary care doctor seems tedious and perhaps even a waste of money sometimes but the best primary care physicians in Bergen County, New Jersey suggest routine appointments actually cut overall health costs through preventative maintenance. Regular screenings and developing record of your health history all contribute to a lower cost of health care.
  6. Routine Screenings — Taking your blood pressure at every appointment may seem like a task, but screenings such as these are of great importance. Undergoing proper tests on a regular basis may help doctors catch signs of disease before it worsens or leads to other deteriorating health issues.
  7. Catch Health Issues Early — While routine screenings may help detect certain signs of a health issue before it becomes a larger problem, your primary care doctor will know the right questions to ask—ones that can aid detection of other health issues in their early stages.
  8. Referrals to other Medical Specialists — Do you need a referral to see an ENT or a cardiologist? Start with an appointment with your primary care doctor. Chances are your doctor has helpful recommendations for specialists since he is familiar with your medical preferences.
  9. Better Patient-Provider Communication — Communication is a two-way process, especially when it comes to your health. Communicating your health wants, needs and concerns are important so your doctor can address your care appropriately. Similarly, your primary care doctor should also feel comfortable having honest conversations with you about his concerns and thoughts.
  10. Decrease in Hospital and ER Visits — Research shows that patients that regularly visit primary care physicians have fewer hospitalizations and emergency visits than those who do not utilize primary care doctors.

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