4 Tips for Finding a Reputable Doctor That You can Trust

When you’re grappling with a medical condition, you want to make sure that you get the best care available to improve your quality of life and heal from the ailment for good. For this reason, finding the right doctor is a crucial task, which can often be tricky. Not every doctor is compatible with every patient, which means you may be going through a seemingly endless trial-and-error period just to find a doctor that can give you the treatment and care you need.

You’d want to avoid entrusting your health to a dubious doctor, so you’ll want to make sure you pull all stops in finding a reputable one. Instead of going for the first physician that you see upon doing a cursory Google search, use these four tips for finding the best doctor for your situation that you can trust:

Ask for Referrals

Your network of family, friends, and colleagues can provide you with valuable information, so be sure to tap into it. Ask them for their favorite doctors and what their experience was like with them, which will give you a reliable testimony of the doctor’s service and bedside manner. Asking for a personal referrer is a great way to narrow down physicians, especially if you share the same values, giving you a head start on finding a trustworthy doctor.

Research Their Credentials

Once you have a list of doctors to try, research their experience and success online. These medical professionals often list their credentials on their websites or profiles, which you can use to cross-check on official accreditation organizations. Be sure to check on their board certification and that they belong to a legitimate, relevant board. You’ll also want to check with healthcare facilities they’ve worked in to verify if they have ever been suspended or sanctioned for malpractice.

Look for Patient Reviews and Testimonials

If everything seems good to go, look for patient reviews and testimonials online. These are similar to personal referrals, except that you’ll have a much larger pool of patient experience to access, giving you an accurate idea of what your encounter with that doctor will resemble. Generally speaking, the more positive reviews, the better. However, be wary of physicians and doctors without any reviews, as no review is worse than a negative review. 

Pay Attention to How They Treat You

Lastly, if you decide to try out a doctor, stay alert for how they treat you. Observe them from your very first encounter, such as scheduling an appointment, to the aftercare you receive. While physicians see close to 40 patients every day and see each of them for about only 10 minutes, the care and attention they give you speak volumes about their dedication to the job. If the office managers, nurses, or even the doctor themselves treat you briskly or rudely, it’s a good indicator that they won’t listen to your concerns thoughtfully. Instead, they’ll focus on getting you out the door as fast as possible. Keep an eye out for office environments that are warm, inviting, and make you feel comfortable. The staff should show that they’re deeply invested in providing you with the best experience possible, as you don’t want to be treated as another source of income instead of a human with real health issues.


Finding the right doctor can take some time, particularly if you need special treatment for a particular condition or illness. Fortunately, these four tips will narrow your search and connect you to the best NJ doctors around, ensuring you have access to top-notch healthcare.

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