The Qualities of a Great Doctor

Being a great doctor is more than just having an encyclopedic knowledge of medicine. It’s more than performing well on an exam. Being a great doctor is also more than just being technically skilled. For instance, if your doctor is a neurosurgeon, it’s important that he has an accurate and steady hand, but he also needs to recognize when an operation is in your best interest and how to handle unexpected complications, technically as well as emotionally.

In measuring doctor quality, we should also focus on “soft” skills like empathy. The best doctors in New Jersey suggest that a great doctor should avoid making assumptions, know the right questions to ask, never stop learning, expect the unexpected and is willing to entertain new ideas. These few qualities differentiate a good doctor from a great doctor.

So what should you be looking for in your next doctor?

  1. Curiosity: According to the primary care physicians in New Jersey, you doctor must be interested in you, what troubles you, and what may help. He asks about you and your symptoms until he understands, and until you know he understands.
  2. Attentive Observation: Your doctor should afford you the proper attention. He shouldn’t be distracted. A good sign that he is paying attention is that he routinely picks up on the fact you are worried. When you’re with him, his should be focusing on you as a human being—not just on your medical problem. It should feel like a real relationship between two human beings.
  3. Being Mindful: Your doctor shouldn’t be just an expert, he should be a master. He should examine your situation with an open mind. You want a doctor who is always learning, staying current and growing as a human being. If your doctor feels that he knows it all, there’s no room to learn anything new.

These things are what makes a GREAT DOCTOR.

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