Things to Consider Before Trying a Weight loss Program

Having a plan is essential—especially if you’re trying to lose weight. You know what they say: either have a plan or plan to fail. Before you attempt to lose weight, figure out the specifics that will make it happen. The weight loss program in North Bergen at Garden State Medical Group teaches that the more prepared you are, the more likely you are to actually lose weight.

Weight loss centers like Garden State Medical Group’s the New Jersey Weight Loss Center should be able to answer questions about the program’s features, safety, costs, and results. A very important question to ask is, “Has the company published any reports?”

A very important question to ask of commercial weight-loss programs is, “Has your company published any reports about the safety and effectiveness of your program in peer-reviewed, scientific journals?” If the response is “yes,” ask for a copy. If the answer is “no,” it may difficult to evaluate the program.

Here are some questions you may want to ask:

What does the program include?

  • Weight Maintenance
    Does the program include a plan to help me keep off the weight I’ve lost?
    What does that program include? Will there be ongoing counseling and support?
  • Eating
    Do I have to follow a specific meal plan?
    Do I have to buy special meals or supplements? If so, what are the daily or weekly costs?
    Does the program offer healthy meal-plan suggestions that I could stick with?
  • Physical Activity
    Does the program include a physical activity plan?
    Does the program offer ways to help me be more physically active and stay motivated?
  • Counseling
    Does the program offer one-on-one or group counseling to stick with my healthier habits?
    Does the program include a trained coach or counselor?

What kind of training/education do staff members have?

These questions are important if you are considering a weight loss program:

  • Does a professional run or oversee the program?
  • Does the program include physical activity, behavior change, weight loss, and nutrition specialists?
  • What is the experience and education of staff members?
  • Does the program carry any risks?
  • Is there any follow-up to ensure one’s safety while in the program?
  • Will the program’s doctor work with a healthcare professional if needed?

Questions to ask your healthcare professional

You may want to ask a healthcare professional the following questions:

  • What is the healthy weight or BMI for me?
  • Will weight loss improve my general health and specific health problems?
  • Can any medications cause weight gain, making it harder for me to lose weight?
  • Which dietary approaches should I follow?
  • Are there any types physical activities I should avoid because of my current health situation?

Does the program or product carry any risks?

  • Can the program cause health problems or be harmful in any way?
  • What are the safety measures during the program?

How much does the program cost?

The doctors running weight loss clinics in New Jersey recommend asking the following:

  • What is the total cost of the program?
  • Are there costs that are not included in that total, such as membership fees or fees for weekly visits, food, meal replacements, supplements or other products, medical tests counselling sessions?

What results do people in the program achieve?

  • How much weight does an average person lose?
  • How long do people generally keep the weight off?
  • Do you have written information on these and other program results?
  • What if I need more help losing weight?

If your approach to losing weight is an all-or-nothing mindset, you are setting yourself up for failure before you even begin. The doctors running weight loss clinics in New Jersey say that losing too much weight too quickly is not optimal. It’s nearly impossible to maintain that pace, so you’re likely to gain back any weight you lose.

Garden State Medical Group’s program, the New Jersey Weight Loss Center, is lauded for its individualistic approach to weight loss. Renowned as a leading center for weight loss in New Jersey, this Weight Loss Program specializes in the treatment of obesity and associated disorders, and provides a therapeutic approach that treats the patient as a whole rather than a set of symptoms.

For more information about our Weight Loss Program in New Jersey or to schedule an appointment with one of our specialists, contact us today!

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